Sara is a not-for-profit assistant/consultant at Mkuyu Guiding School in Tanzania, where she periodically assists in teaching ecology, environmental ethics and English language. She is currently working on her Masters research thesis in collaboration with Mkuyu to investigate African environmentalism and more-than-human geographies at the bush school. This will involve engaging with post-Independence African worldviews that seek to both reconnect with pre-colonial ecological traditions and carve out fresh environmental identities for Tanzanian’s today.

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Coming from a conservation biology background, Sara has worked on a range of ecology projects, including her own undergraduate study of the invertebrate food-based population dynamics of platypuses, water rats, and water birds in mining catchment areas. She has also been involved in studies of Australian owls and desert bats, and elephant movements and conflict mitigation in Zambia.

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At home in Australia, Sara works as a tutor and counsellor in between studying. She tutors university classes in the environmental humanities and indigenous-focussed resource management, and provides mentoring support to young people from mental health and refugee backgrounds, including facilitating nature-based activities as a way to overcome personal difficulties. She uses these skills to guide the Lioness Ladies Mentoring program at Mkuyu Guiding School.

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