Dream, dream away little birds, lest the dragon awaken before the dawn…

Eastern Spinebill

Birds are such symbolic creatures.

Their capacity for flight, and the enormous effort it demands on their seemingly fragile bodies, make them representatives of freedom, determination, endurance, and the unexpected strength of resilience.

As creatures of air, birds offer flitting, rising, and soaring as ideas, inspiration, and imaginative thought. Their songs sing up creative communication, the medicine inherent in finding our individual voices and letting them be heard.

Their many forms, patterns, colours, ways, and songs speak to the diversity of cultures, creatures, and identities birthed from this world, Mother Earth. We dream ourselves, and each other, into existence through shared lives, encounters, collaborations, and realisations.

We are little birds, and we are dreaming.

African Fish Eagle

Hello! Welcome to my blog, a space of living thought that resists the oppression of binary thinking, and the shackles of my own categorical labels. Here, you will find permeable contradictions, entangled complexities, and messy ripples as I test the waters of life – sometimes with a dipping toe, sometimes by jumping exuberantly into puddles!


I want to know. But I know that I don’t fully understand how it is that I know, or if I even know anything. How do we know, really? Does anyone know anything at all? These are the questions that make life rich, interesting, and alive! They are also the questions that keep me awake at night, forever wondering if my understanding exists within a bubble, an echo chamber, a hall of mirrors*.

My thinking draws from many unnecessarily oppositional places.

I have been a curious scientist, rigorously trained in many facets of biology and ecology. But I have also had the rich waves of Aboriginal and Celtic/Scandinavian heritages wash story and lore into my animal body, and encounters with life grow my love for Country in fertile soil.

I have been an academic geographer by trade. Yet, simultaneously, a radical edge walker whose philosophies of mystery, unknowability, and deep collaborative relationships with non-human people stand in resistance to Empire, and in service to life.

The opposition is arbitrary, an illusion of disciplinary labels, colonial legacies, and silenced voices. Everything is related, everything is relational and bound together in entangled, permeable, messy complexities. Nothing is clearly divided, everything is far deeper, richer, and interconnected than our categories can convey.

A walking contradiction my whole life, I have been an activist and an anarchist, woman and a witch, volunteer and vulnerable, neurologically diverse and difficult, damsel and dragon. I have been challenged and changed…so many times. Even now, I am in flux, on my way to whoever I will be tomorrow. And yet, I am also here, now.

I am, because we are. We, the people. We, the Earth Kin of red and green blood. We, the microscopic. We, the cosmic. We, the mineral. We, the elemental. We, the local. We, the global. We, the system of ecosystems. We, the living. We, the ancestral dead. We, the potential and chaotic energy of all existence.¬†We, the Spirit…the being-ness of all things.

We are together.

*Deborah Bird Rose – Indigenous Ecologies and an Ethic of Connection, in Global Ethics & Environment, 1999.